Carol shook in his arms and laid her head on his shoulder, trying to control her sobs. “Shane, there are three of them after her! She’s just a little girl, I have to find her. I have to.” She rambled on for a moment and shut up when he spoke, nodding. She took a few deep breaths and pulled away from him just a bit, staring into his eyes. “I-I can t-try.” She stuttered. She couldn’t believe she had let Lori hold her under that car, and she was furious with herself for allowing it.

“I know. I know. We’ll find her.” Shane held her and let her get through the worst of the sobbing, scanning the area over her shoulder. Sophia had less than a minutes’ head start, she couldn’t have gone far. They just had to backtrack a little, get their bearings… He met Carol’s eyes and nodded when she said she’d try to calm down, picking up his shotgun and nodding at the gun in her hand. “That thing’s got a hell of a kickback. You ever fired a gun before? Here,” he added, before she could respond, and handed over his Glock. “Gimme the Python, take this instead and let’s get a move on. We’ll find her,” Shane repeated. It was as much to convince himself as to convince Carol. 

She watched him as he picked up his shotgun and asked her about the gun. She shook her head, making more tears fall on her dirt stained face. When he handed her the other gun, she let out a quiet sob and handed over the Python, taking the gun he handed her. She bit her lip and nodded. “I’ve never been so terrified in my life. We have to find her.” She said turning her body to look for her daughter.  She turned her attention to the ground and felt her knees buckle at the sight of Sophia’s shoe.

Sophia didn’t even see that she’d lost a shoe until she had stopped somewhere in the muddier part of the woods. Trying to move on again, the girl noticed that she was stuck with her socks and started to panic. One of the walker had get dangerously close already. That shouldn’t be it, Sophia thought to herself when she started to cry. “I don’t want to die like this!” The girl shouted to herself. “Mom just said that I don’t deserve to die like this!” Sophia pushed herself to stay strong and got rid of the other shoe in the hope that they’d find it as trace for her whereabout. She had to move on so that she’d have a chance to escape those walkers. 

He could tell Carol was in danger of losing it again over the sight of the shoe, and he spoke fast to preempt that. “That just means we’re on the right track, okay? It means she’s still runnin’ and we’re on the right track. We’re gonna find her, Carol. We’re gonna bring her back safe.” Shane touched her arm briefly before starting to move again, leading the way, keeping his eyes as much on the ground as on their surroundings. There was a trail here, he just had to pick it up.

She fell to the ground, cradling the shoe. When she looked up at Shane, her eyes were full of tears, and her face stained. Her chest heaved as she attempted to nod. “Sh-Shane…” Was all she could manage to say, staring back down at the little shoe. She needed to find Sophia, and being on the ground wasn’t helping any. She shook as she pushed herself off the ground, Sophia’s shoe clutched tightly in her free hand. she glanced back over at him and sobbed before walking slowly in another direction she thought Sophia might have ran.

Sophia still ran for her life, even though it looked as if she’d lost her followers, until she reached the end of the woods. Placing the hands on her upper legs, she stopped to catch her breath. A few feet away of her was an empty house. A good place to stay at least for a while she thought, when the girl aproached it. Her will to survive had never been stronger before so the first that she did was searching for food and blankets. Maybe she’d also find towels to dry her wet socks.

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Dear Carol…



I want you to die in season 3 ! <3

What the fuck, are you serious right now?

That’s exactly what I’m most afraid of, when they arrive the prison. She’s already been claustrophobic at the CDC. 

  • someone at school: what are you listening to?
  • me: no one you know or like